Ball Clock II ~ Hour Lever – Phase II

June 20, 2016

Now that the balls are transitioning through the hour lever, the next things to do are provide an exit path for the balls and to harness the power from the lever. Since there was already a track that went by the lower level of the travel of the hour lever,  (Ok that was  a weird […]

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Ball Clock II ~ Hour Lever – Phase I

March 13, 2016

  Now that I have balls accumulating in the Hour Striker Magazine, I can work to route them to a mechanism for the hour strike. The challenge here was to get the maximum power from the lever to eventually operate a hammer for the large bell on top.  A little CAD work helped figure out how […]

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Ball Clock II ~ Hour Magazine Diverter

February 28, 2016

I’m having to make these titles up as I go.  Anyway there had to be a way to divert the excess balls for quarter strike to the rack that holds then for the hours strike when needed.  Making a fast moving ball take a 90 degree corner was problematic.  This took far longer to accomplish […]

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Ball Clock II ~ Hour Counter – Phase I

February 10, 2016

So far I have gotten the quarter hour strikes working and routed the extra balls back to the second lift. I struggled with how to keep track of the hours and also at the same time select the right number of balls to feed the striker mechanism.  That and fit it all into a rapidly […]

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Ball Clock II ~ Clutch Latch

January 26, 2016

Sometimes things get complicated.  Especially in relationships and ball clocks. Having the clock run more often has allowed some gremlins to show up.  I started to notice that the reset for the upper flips was occurring at random.  This of course messed up the quarter, half and three quarter strike timing since everything for that […]

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Ball Clock II ~ Quarter Lever Latch

January 25, 2016

With the strikes for the quarter hours coming too quickly it was necessary to figure out a way to slow them down.  Fortunately (by chance) the exiting balls pass below the quarter lever strike mechanism on their way back to the second lift.  It was about 1 second after exiting the cup on the quarter […]

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Ball Clock II ~ Spiral #2

January 24, 2016

So now I have balls going through the quarter magazine and ending up in the striker mechanism and then no where to go after that. The excess balls that are not needed for the magazine replenishment also have no where to go. It is time to make more track. I liked the aesthetic of the spiral […]

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Ball Clock II ~ Quarter Strike

January 3, 2016

Having completed the quarter ball magazine, it was time to move on to the bell and striking mechanism. When the balls exit the magazine the drop straight down onto a track that takes them to the level that will use the ball weight to operate the hammer. Because there would be multiple balls sometimes, I […]

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Ball Clock II ~ Quarter Ball Selection

December 28, 2015

With the quarter ball magazine completed it was time to tie it to the feelers for the quarter hour flips. Rods were attached to the adjustable hubs on each of the feelers. This way I could adjust the amount of down travel in relationship to the feeler being stopped by the quarter flips. Blocks were […]

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Ball Clock II ~ Quarter Strike Magazine

November 28, 2015

Now that I have a source for balls to replenish the quarter strike magazine, it is time to make it. Balls coming through the excess ball diverter make a sharp left turn into the magazine. The idea behind the magazine is to separate the number of balls needed for the quarter, half and three quarter strike mechanism.  […]

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