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Good Morning,

I am sitting here and trying to think of something to write about.  That may sound kind of funny, but it isn’t always easy to come up with a subject that I want to talk about or share an opinion.  Oh sure, there is plenty of “stuff” going on, but most, well maybe not most, but a lot anyway, are things that are either uninteresting to many of you or “downers” which I really prefer not to talk about.  But…there are some things that have to be mentioned and I suppose are just part of this life as we travel down this incredible path.

This last week Michael and Zaida found out that Morgan, their youngest dog has bone cancer.  Apparently, it is of a fast growing kind and invasive enough to require he be put down.  Morgan, a 15-month-old brindle colored English Bull Mastiff is still a puppy in many of his ways and loves to play and of course what puppies do best, tear things apart.  Well it’s a job you know and somebody has to do it.  It has also been important to Morgan that he provides a constant irritation to his older peer and English Bull Mastiff, Chase.  The two while sharing the same space, haven’t quite come to terms with one another and at times there has been blood.  Possibly because Morgan’s constant desire to play and Chase’s desire to just be left alone, tempers flair. 

Totally Relaxed

Totally Relaxed

You can’t blame Morgan, as puppies just like to play and ruff-house.  Probably part of the problem is that Chase also has a health condition that I’m sure doesn’t make him feel well at times and the last thing you want is a kid bugging you when you don’t feel well. 

Morgan will be remembered as a pretty cool dog with a loving disposition.  It seemed to me he liked everyone he met and for a big dog like Morgan, you had to brace yourself around him.  I guess if he had any fault it would be for lack of moderation.  He just seemed to be happy about everything around him and of course curious.  As we have found out with our pets, they become part of the family very quickly.  I think it is because we bestow so much love on to them and they in turn receive it unconditionally.  At least that seems to be the way it works with a dog.  With a cat…not so much. 

Monday will be difficult for both of you.  It is of course, “the right thing” to do, rather than let him suffer and be in pain, as so many times there is with bone cancer.  And you can spend the rest of your life trying to justify putting him down and never really come to terms with it.  I’m not sure that it is possible actually to do so, for you would first have to not care and of course that is out of the question, so you are stuck with this heartache.  I still remember taking our cat in to be put down as if it were yesterday, and that was just a cat who probably couldn’t have cared less about us as long as there was food around.  A dog that shows devotion and gives back affection like Morgan did, well that is tough.  I’m sure you will be with him during the procedure as he will no doubt be scared of the surroundings.  Your presence, love and caring will be important to make this time as comfortable as possible for him regardless of how difficult it is for you.  It will also be your chance to say goodbye to a friend.   You will find in life that those opportunities are rare.

Love, Dad

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