Ball Clock II ~ Hour Ball Selector-5

by Jon Long Sr on October 20, 2016

The Ball Selector needed to return to its home position at the end of the cycle.

I chose to use weights rather than springs for this because springs will increase tension when expanded and weights are a constant force.

The main shaft of the selector mechanism makes a full revolution during the process.  The Ball Selector must return to its home position at the end of the cycle.  This occurs at different time depending how many balls are selected.  Longer at 1 o’clock (350 degrees) and shorter at 12 o’clock (185 degrees).  One of the weights is used for this.

In the photo you can see both weights used for this.  I chose round chain for its strength and the way it fit into the pulleys.  It also looked pretty good. 

When a proper number of balls are selected, a latch pawl engages with the Release Plate that looks a saw blade.  When this plate is engage and carried along with the rotation of the main shaft, it will open a gate to allow balls to roll into the hour striker mechanism.  The second weight is used to power the return of the Release Plate to the home position.

When balls are used on the lower rack of the Hour Selector they must be replaced.  The source of the balls for this comes from the track used to replenish the quarter hour strike.  A feeler was installed in the track going to the lower rack.  When the track filled with balls to that point, the feeler was depressed and latched a diverted allowing the balls following every minute to end up in the return area.

There are two independent ball tracks in the clock.  One is used to supply balls for the time racks and the other to supply balls for the striker mechanisms.

The next part to make was a ball stop for the upper track.  It had to align the balls on the upper track with the balls on the lower track for the selector to work right.  The balls will accumulate one every hour until 12 are in the rack.  I will then need to find a way to dump them before 1 o’clock.  That is for another day.

Note that the photos are of the mechanism mounted on the jig.  There just wasn’t enough room the work on it inside the clock.

Next up, reworking the hour strike.  It is just too weak.  I feel that way sometimes too.


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