Ball Clock II ~ Hour Ball Selector-3

by Jon Long Sr on September 11, 2016

Some progress since the last post, albeit slow.  img_4677-cropped

The supports for the selector assemble have been installed complete with bearings upper and lower.  The trick was to get the angle right as the selector has to follow the slope of the magazine.  (Photo-1)

Because I’m using a jig to work on this assemble, it is important to duplicate the mounting hole on the main clock.

The selector arm has been extended to be in the upper track of the magazine.  This will allow it to be stopped by the balls in the upper rack when the cam drives it.  (Photo-2)

img_4679-croppedOnce it contacts the balls in the upper rack, the selector plate will cam out enough to place the lower extension into the balls on the lower rack.

This will separate the same number of balls as there are in the upper rack.  Once I get a few more parts made, I’ll be able to make a movie of that action.

By separating the balls on the lower rack, I will be able to release that number into the hour striker section.

The release plate that kind of looks like a saw will be used to detect when the selector cams out and then release the balls on the lower track.  (Photo-3) The plan is to have another cam that operates the ball gate for the lower track..

img_4695-cropped When the selector cams out it allows a pawl to engage with the teeth on the release plate and be carried around by the cam. That action will only happen when the selector has moved.

Still needs to be made is the ball release gate and associated parts that will work with the release plate.

That’s for another day.


Ball Clock II ~ Hour Ball Selector – 2

by Jon Long Sr on August 28, 2016

Now that I have the jig to hold the Hour Ball Magazine, I am able to see how things fit.IMG_4652 Cropped

There are a number if parts that had/have to be made for the selector mechanism.  The first was the slides that will cam out to separate the proper number of balls to release to the striker assembly.

Next came the Selector Cam which will drive the selector until it is stopped by an hour ball, it then will cause the slide to cam out as it continues on around for one revolution.  I still have to work out how I’m going to accomplish the one revolution.  If I can’t make the selector work the one revolution will be a mute point.

The selector assembly has to do several things:IMG_4656 Cropped

  1. Provide drive for the selector arm with the cam
  2. When selector arm is stopped the selector slide must cam out far enough to wedge between two balls in the lower magazine
  3. The selector slide must lock into an index to keep it in position while the cam continues to turn
  4. When the selector arm cams out, it has to trigger a release of the balls in the lower magazine so they can move into the striker mechanism
  5. The plate that triggers the release of the balls has to reset before the selector cam reaches it’s full revolution, but after the balls for the striker have cleared the magazine.
  6. The selector slide must reset and return to a home position before the cam completes a full cycle.

The photo shows the partial assemble as of today.  The Selector Cam, Selector slides and return spring, the spring wheel which will be used to return the selector to a home position towards the end of the cycle.

The selector slide will have an extension that will reach into the track area of the magazine.  I won’t add it until I get the selector mechanism mounted to know how long it has to be.

The next step will be to make the mounting for the selector assembly.  Once that is done I can align to other parts and figure out the drive gearing.


Ball Clock II ~ Hour Ball Selector

August 20, 2016

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Ball Clock II ~ Hour Magazine Diverter

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Ball Clock II ~ Hour Counter – Phase I

February 10, 2016

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Ball Clock II ~ Clutch Latch

January 26, 2016

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Ball Clock II ~ Quarter Lever Latch

January 25, 2016

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Ball Clock II ~ Spiral #2

January 24, 2016

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